Kayak Rentals on the Salt River where it freshly feeds Taylorsville Lake. This artificial lake was created in 1974 constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers. It is part of the Salt River system and the lake claims over 3,000 Acres. The dam was constructed to prevent flooding and has seemed to work for the most part. Flooding still occurs downstream of the lake but it is mostly backflow from the Ohio River. The Salt River & Taylorsville Lake have great white and striped bass fishing in fact it is home to Kentucky’s famous “white bass run” acclaimed across the country. However, there are many species within the lake and its head waters. You will see hundreds of water birds and many species of animals as well. Come kayak in a low wake, low risk environment and be able to relax without a care, floating in peace as the sun kisses your flesh and the wind caresses your face.


Long Run Park Lake is a wonderful kayaking location, located within the city limits of Louisville. Featuring crystal clear water, shelters, a couple of beaches, plenty of picnic tables and fabled fishing opportunities. It’s a perfect weekday getaway and a great place to relax, reflect, and reset. It is our best location for beginners, young children, family gatherings, and Corporate Events. In addition to the 36 acre lake is a children’s splash park, basketball courts, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court and a 2.6 mile walking loop. There is a Golf Course, so you have the opportunity to drop your family off and enjoy a round of golf while your family enjoys a day on the water, it’s one day of golf you won’t have any complaints about. Whatever, the reason Long Run Park makes the perfect weekday excursion or team building space.