“We Believe you deserve superior equipment at reasonable prices which, is why we choose the highest rated recreational kayak of all time to provide to our customers.” – Kayak on a River

Wilderness Systems Pungo

The Pungo has been the highest rated and best-selling sit inside recreational kayak of all time. The key to its success is superior speed, unrivaled stability, and premium comfort. The patented, fully adjustable seating system is the core reason the Pungo is widely considered the most comfortable kayak in its class. The kayaks hull has proven itself for years, blending speed and stability into perfect harmony. The Pungo also has a removable dashboard which includes additional cupholders and a removable dry box perfect for your cell phone and other personal items.

“We Believe you deserve a life jacket designed for paddling and comfort.” – Kayak on a River

Stohlquist Spectrum (Universal PDF’s)

United States Coast Guard Approved type III PDF. Open sides for ventilation and ease of motion. A high-quality PFD you won’t mind wearing it combines a high level of comfort and safety. Stohlquist spectrum PFDs were designed to fit all body types while providing an unmatched range of motion.

“We Believe your kids should have the best and safest life jackets available.” – Kayak on a River

Stohlquist Escape Youth PDF’s (50lbs-90lbs & 75lbs-125lbs)

United States Coast Guard Approved type III PFD. Designed with super soft foam with your child’s comfort in mind. A high-quality PFD your kids won’t mind wearing combines a high level of comfort and safety. Stohlquist Escape Youth PFD’s were created to be worn over long periods of time, this keeps kids happy and having a good time while being safe.

“We Believe your adventure deserves quality well designed rental equipment” – Kayak on a River


Lightweight shafts and durable Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blades, slightly curved and asymmetrical which provides a powerful and efficient stroke. Quality and performance are important and our paddles follow that creed.