What is your policy on Drinking?

Must follow park guidelines.

What is your policy on equipment loss and damage?

Our policy on Loss, Theft, and Damage is simple. We reserve the right to charge for any loss, theft, or damage of rental equipment. The charge for previously mentioned will be the retail rate of said equipment. We are a rental company and it is the renter’s responsibility to return equipment in good order.

What if weather or waterflow cancels our trip?

We will make our best efforts to satisfy our customers and provide the best quality trip. We practice a three “R” system; relocate, reschedule, and refund. Relocation is a principal factor of our mobile kayaking company. Safety is a fundamental concern and by being mobile we can choose a safer river if necessary. Rescheduling provides a voucher and lets the user pick another date that works best. Refunds are done as a last resort, we hate to lose your business, and more importantly have you miss the opportunity to relax and make a lifelong memory.

How does the reservation process work?

When you make a reservation a charge will be made on your account. You then will receive a reservation email, followed up by a confirmation. Also note, all reservation changes will be communicated via email. The charge will be processed after the event is confirmed. Please pay attention to our communications they often contain pertinent information about your adventure.

What should I wear?

Always dress weather appropriate but also consider how quick your clothing will dry. Also, shoes will most likely get wet and jewelry could possibly get lost. Be smart and think ahead, a change of clothes is always a good idea, even if they don’t get used.

What is the “Clean up Initiative”?

We provide bags with a little help from our friends, and a raft for larger debris at no charge to you. If we all do our part, we may restore beauty to our parks and waterways providing a more scenic environment, as well as a better habitat for the wildlife. Federal, State, City governments and their employees provide considerable assets into restoring and maintaining our parks and protected lands. By providing a vehicle for the environmentally conscience to make a greater impact, we hope our governments might be able to focus assets on new projects and ones that might have gotten delayed, do to them using their assets to clean up after our inconsiderate nature. We offer special discounts to individuals who do their part.

How will I know where to go?

Email updates on your adventure will be sent anytime there is a change. We will offer a proposed location and as the date gets closer we will use our resources to determine the best adventure. We will email any changes; our goal is always to provide the best quality trip.