About Us

“Louisville born, Miami River Valley inspired Company founded for your kayaking needs.”

In today’s environment we have become detached from the outdoors. We strive to reintroduce you to the outdoors or continue your outdoor adventures. Exposing yourself to nature and its organic challenges foster’s confidence, communication skills, solidifies relationships and not only gives relaxation but some excitement as well. We will assist in giving you some time away from the city noise we have constantly causing us stress.

Founders: Joel Lavy and his wife Kristen

Joel was born and raised in the Miami River Valley. Surrounded by rivers, fishing and boating quickly became his favorite past time. When not in school Joel played sports whether it was soccer, wrestling, baseball, swimming, diving, and pole vaulting; when not in school or sports Joel worked his families garden; So, when Joel had any time at all free he found regeneration by being in the outdoors preferably on water. His Father often took him and his two older brothers fishing, sometimes even his mother would join in, and the time was always precious to him. This addiction to water perpetuated throughout his life. Then during college, the unimaginable happened, on Sept 11 th Joel felt compelled to join yet another team, the U.S. Military. He spent the next seven years, through two wars assigned to the 162nd Fighter Squadron.

It was during those years in which he was first introduced to Louisville by being involved with the American and Dutch F-16 Fighter demonstrations during “Thunder Over Louisville”. Joel fell in love with his gracious host and always came down to participate in “Thunder” when able. Joel always says, “Louisville is simply a city where people haven’t forgotten how to be nice.” During his service Joel still took every opportunity to get to water “It’s where I’m at peace.” he says. During his military career he had a son, Andrew. The water always gave them a place for them to make life long memories and to converse and learn about one another. This strengthened his love and affection to our waterways tenfold. After serving his country for seven years he moved down to Louisville where he managed fitness facilities for six years helping Louisville natives obtain their fitness goals.

Then his life would change forever, he had met the women of his dreams, Kristen a Louisville native. This fortuitous meeting would solidify his Louisville residence. He sure took his time, but finally decided to make Kristen his wife, with her permission of course, and the world started to make sense. While Joel was working in the cellular industry Kristen inspired him to create a long-standing dream into a company founded on his passion. Thus, Kayak On A River was born.